Wholesale Sucralose Solutions (5-10%)

Sucralose – common sweetener composed of fructose and glucose sugars. Much heavier of a ‘sweet’ flavor that ethyl maltol, but ideal for fruit flavors needing a sweetness boost. Not as commonly seen as a sweetener predissolved in PG and VG for eliquids on the open market, but is widely used by a variety of vendors. Targets of ~1-5mg/mL are sought in final eliquid concentrations for the sweetness boost. Our solution of sucralose is concentrated at 10% for PG (Industry standard), and at 5% in VG (PG-free). PG can attain a max solubility of ~100mg/mL (10% solution) of sucralose, while VG can only obtain ~55mg/mL.  However through us in our formulations, we have found the 10% PG, and 5% VG solutions to be the most stable and usable concentrations. 5% VG solutions is great for those looking to make a true 100% PG-free vape - sucralose is seemingly difficult to find in these solvents :)