Nude Nicotine focuses its effort on supplying co-packers, bulk manufacturers, and DIYers with larger aliquots of nicotine and other raw materials! These sizes range from 1 gallon up to a 55gallon drum, but can be configured custom if necessary for your application.

We also offer special discounts and programs to whole wholesalers who are kind enough to get in touch with us! Please feel free to send us an email, drop us a line, or most convenient – fill out the “Wholesale Contact Form” below. This will GREATLY expedite the handling of your wholesale account request – We respond to these requests in less than 24-hours!

All aliquot sizes 1 gallon and above are classified as wholesale products. We kindly ask that you fill out the wholesale contact form in the link above so that we may keep your tax-ID and DBA on file for tax purposes. We appreciate you very much!

Click here for our Wholesale Website