❄ FIFO Nicotine Salts™ "SMOOTH™" 100mg/mL in 100% VG ❄

Now available in 120mL and 500mL sizes! FIFO - Freeze in, First out - is Nude Nicotine's new on-demand shipping option! We have a select amount of SKU that are kept in-stock in our -20C freezer system for immediate retrieval and shipping. Instead of the traditional Nude Nicotine method of manufacture-to-order, we now have the option to ship immediately without lead-time! Freeze in First out orders are selectively shipped first and foremost, with a maximum 48 hour wait time from order-placed to out-the-door. If your order is placed before 8am, it will be processed and shipped by the next day!
“Smooth” Nicotine Salts solution is one of our three Nicotine Salts formulations designed around harnessing the differing properties of nicotine inhalation character. “Smooth” utilizes a blend of multiple cations in exacting proportions to focus on masking the throat hit of nicotine for an unparalleled smooth inhale and exhale. “Smooth” is exactly how it sounds, completely masking the harsh characteristics of the nicotine inhale/exhale experience. The dominant cationic components in the “Smooth” formulation focus on binding nicotines basic nitrogen centers to “smoothen” the bit of the inhale, along with masking harness of the exhale. This is a character that is extremely attractive to some! The vaper may enjoy the dosing aspects of nicotine, rather than the bite and burn accompanied by some free-base formulations. While this is attractive to some, the smooth stands to be a market game-changer. Low-nicotine vapers rejoice! Cloud-chasers and volume-exhalers consuming low nicotine levels will truly enjoy the “Smooth” Nicotine Salts formulation for its mellowing character. No irritation from nicotine in low to medium strengths will allow for an unmatched smoothness, ideal for letting formulators flavor artistry shine through and focus on the nuances of the vaping experience. “Smooth” Nicotine Salts are formulated at 100mg/mL concentration and diluted in VG and ready for use immediately. The use of the cationic salts may accelerate the color change of the nicotine salt solution, but is by no means indicative of oxidation therein. The binding of the two molecules results in a sharing of electrons from the cationic salt with the anionic nicotine, resulting in color!!! To the contrary, the binding of cationic salts at nicotine’s electronegative nitrogens prolongs the oxidative damage it may suffer in comparison to a non-salt formulation.