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Quality you can trust

Been ordering from nude nicotine for ywars because they sell top notch quality ptoducts and will continue to order from them.
Thank you

Best quality

Good service for good product

Excellent quality, shipping, and service.

I have made 5 Purchases so far.
The quality has been consistent, I have received packages in both the summer and winter, all came in without issue and no observed degradation of the product. Upon receipt I store the product in a freezer unit to ensure stability.
Each were shipped quickly, and were well packaged. The packaging is important to me as our local shipping facility is staffed by a bunch of gorillas that are brutal on all shipped items.
As of 8/28/23 I can 100% recommend this company and its product and hope to see this level of quality and service continue in the future.

Good quailty - happy customer

Exactly what I wanted I'll be ordering from nude from now on. Everything came as advertised. The bottles were all secure with tight lids and taped shut with no leaking so it all arrived in good condition, the shipping was quick but a little heads up if you include nic in your order you do have to show ID when it's delivered(your ID with your name/address) so be ready for that or divert the package in the shipping app to be a held at the shipping store near you so you can pick it up if you won't be home on delivery day.

Awesome product

I always use nude products. Never been let down. Top quality. I highly recommend nude products. Always pure and clean.

Awesome Nicotine

One of the Best on the market

Excellent quality, and packaging.

I bought another brand for awhile, noooooo where near as good as yours! Shipping was surprisingly fast! Perfect TH.

Thank you

This is first time i use this Nicotine it really smooth and doesn't affect flavor taste

Improvement needed.

One of the bottles was compromised upon recipt of package. Consumer reviews stated that Nide Nicotine did nothing to replace or refund. The tamper evident seal was broken prior to opening brown box. Fluid leaked on the inside of the sealed bag from the bottle and made a mess and destroyed labeling. Delivery was an awful experience. Signature was required (because nicotine?? Please confirm) and it took many times longer to receive package and required hours of tracking it down with delivery service. Dissatisfied with handling of delivery and bottles by your company. Questioning why the bottle was leaking all over, however the brown box had absolutely no damage. Obviously the packaging techniqies are flawed and Q/C needs serious attention. Concerned that integrity of fluid is compromised in leaked bottle and may have been tampered with. The other bottles in the shipment were fine and are good product.

Good Stuff

Just right for my DIY juice and RTA. Good price and I can trust the purity unlike other suppliers.

My new go to source!

Great nic! Quick turnaround on my order. I've used many different brands over the years, but they are no longer available for purchase in smaller quantities. This nic is on point clear, odorless and tasteless. Will definitely be back for more!

Always excellent

Bought Nicotine Base 100mg/mL, as always Nude Nicotine excellent.

Satisfied but think the shipping charges are a bit steep.

Excellent product.

Very satisfied with everything. Came well sealed, no spillage or anything, bottle was very well secured. Clear nicotine, seems great quality. Shipping was fast and at a reasonable price. Will definitely buy again.

Great nicotine

Primarily the same nicotine I've always gotten before new company but primarily the same nicotine

Nicotine Base 100mg/mL ❄ USP Pharma

Highly recommend Nude Nicotine ....quality product , fast insured delivery. Will return for future purchase !

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Great product. Its exactly what I need for my DIY


Good product


So glad to be able to purchase again, my stash was getting low. High quality as usual glad your back

Great product

I've been using this for Manny years. Great quality.

it came very quickly

i have not used the product yet but im sure its what i need

Excellent product

I only buy from nude nicotine. I wish the Hit blend was still available.


This nicotine salts from Nude Nicotine is the best that I’ve used. Nothing comes close to the service that supports there products as well. More than happy to pay the extra and ship from the US to the UK. Many thanks Nude Nicotine.

Fantastic product and customer service

superb! Fantastic, the product is top quality and the service is the best! Thank you so much, loyal customer and will buy again for years to come

Finally some quality product * from Nz

Shipping took a while - how ever got my order ( I’m located in NZ ) packaging was spot on was updated with tracking all the way - I’m very happy thanks