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Vg is fine

Your shipping is horrible

Warning ⚠️

Read below I fucked up and gave them 5 stars

Warning ⚠️

I put an order in on the 28th of December. I get a text back saying they're backlogged and it will be shipped to later than the 9th of January. That day came and went without and email, message or text. I've called no answer, I email get nothing. I think this place is going out of business and stealing their funds. Buyer beware

First time

This is my first bottle ever buying to start making my own juice but seems good to me!

Never receive the order

Package was sent back by FedEx. Customer support not existent. No money back or replacement whatsoever.

Wheres my order!!!

Put my order in like 2 weeks ago. They said it'll be shipped no later than the 9th it's now the 13th and I ain't heard shit from them.

Packs less of a wallop than regular nic!!

This liquid is not as satisfying as regular nicotine where after a few draws you should feel that you "had a cigarette". Salts are smooth but weak.


You cant go wrong with nude nicotine products...been ordering for years 100% satisfied by thier product, shipping and all.around service..and you will be too! :)

Salts are a game changer

I never could get a good mix due to the harshness of the free base nicotine but now using the new smooth salt nic every juice that i mix comes out just like my favorite store bought. i use 2mg in all my juices as a replacement for freebase and it is great.

Just Right

Very smooth. Love it. Definitely recommend for mechanical. Will purchase again.

Brown nic

It came completely brown, and smells very peppery.
Contacted them and they said it’s now normal.
It’s supposed to be damn near clear.
Extremely disappointed because I’ve used them in the past. Unfortunately will never again in the future.

Is not clear anymore

It came completely brown, and smells very peppery.
Contacted them and they said it’s now normal.
It’s supposed to be damn near clear.
Extremely disappointed because I’ve used them in the past. Unfortunately will never again in the future.

EuroFlavor Kiwi
Outrageous shipping costs

Nude nicotine has the best nicotine and flavors. But I have seen the shipping costs over doubled in the last year. I highly doubt I will purchase from this company with shipping making your products unaffordable.

Always Excellent

Amazing customer service, Amazing shipping time. The only thing I'd like to see change, is the see thru jugs used. Light degrades nicotine. I miss the days of clear/pink nicotine. Let's start using solid colored containers.

Explain why a 120 ml bottle cost $27.00 to ship! It practically doubled the price.

Good Quality Nic

Very good quality nicotine. I use nic salt signature & smooth. Very close to tasteless and very smooth. So happy retail is back! Will continue to purchase from Nude Nicotine!

Great Service

Going to Nude Nicotine and always received first class service from them, as well as knowledgeable response to all of questions.
A great place to do business with.

❄ Nicotine Base 100mg/mL ❄ USP Chroma
Robert Cernuda
Quality you can trust

Been ordering from nude nicotine for ywars because they sell top notch quality ptoducts and will continue to order from them.
Thank you

Best quality

Good service for good product

Excellent quality, shipping, and service.

I have made 5 Purchases so far.
The quality has been consistent, I have received packages in both the summer and winter, all came in without issue and no observed degradation of the product. Upon receipt I store the product in a freezer unit to ensure stability.
Each were shipped quickly, and were well packaged. The packaging is important to me as our local shipping facility is staffed by a bunch of gorillas that are brutal on all shipped items.
As of 8/28/23 I can 100% recommend this company and its product and hope to see this level of quality and service continue in the future.

Good quailty - happy customer

Exactly what I wanted I'll be ordering from nude from now on. Everything came as advertised. The bottles were all secure with tight lids and taped shut with no leaking so it all arrived in good condition, the shipping was quick but a little heads up if you include nic in your order you do have to show ID when it's delivered(your ID with your name/address) so be ready for that or divert the package in the shipping app to be a held at the shipping store near you so you can pick it up if you won't be home on delivery day.

Awesome product

I always use nude products. Never been let down. Top quality. I highly recommend nude products. Always pure and clean.

Awesome Nicotine

One of the Best on the market

Excellent quality, and packaging.

I bought another brand for awhile, noooooo where near as good as yours! Shipping was surprisingly fast! Perfect TH.

Thank you

This is first time i use this Nicotine it really smooth and doesn't affect flavor taste