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Amazing taste. Professional quality. Unparalleled quality. Outstanding service.

Synthetic 100mg/mL Nicotine

Fantastic Products & Customer Service

Nude Nicotine Base 100mg/mL USP Pharma, Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and customer service from Hailey Cook are top notch! Nude Nicotine is my go-to from now on. Thank you!

First time using Syntha

I have been making my own e liquid for awhile and have tried many different brands of liquid nicotine. I have to say this definitely does the trick and is just as good as any of the natural nicotine I've used in the past. So I'm very satisfied with their product and will be ordering more in the future.

First time trying synthetic nic

Just made first batch of juice using Nude Nicotine synthetic nic. I am very pleased with their product, cant tell a difference between synthetic or natural. Colorless and flavorless, does not have any peppery aftertaste either. Will be ordering more very soon.

Best nicotine in the market!

Hand downs the best nicotine money can buy. NudeNicotine's team is far superior in every aspect compared to the alternatives out there.

Suuuuuuper smooth

At first I wasn't even sure if there was nicotine present at all! Seriously, this stuff is INCREDIBLY smooth.

Great product!!!

Thank you andI will be ordering again soon thank you again Gina

❄ Nicotine Salts™ "SMOOTH™" 100mg/mL ❄ USP Pharma

Great product!!!

This PG works great for making juice… It’s high quality, well made, and a good price… I highly recommend it…

VG/PG Base Mix
Joe Williams
Good Stuff !

Hard to tell if best ever but easy to tell bad. This is very good !

VG/PG Base Mix
Daniel Hawk
Leaky bottle

One of the bottles opened during shipping. Packaging should have been better. No protection from anything. I have bought product from here before and never had an issue. A little disappointed with this one.

Syntha is a great vaping product.

Thank You for making a way for adult vapers to continue our lives of tobacco freedom. Merry Christmas!!

❄ Nicotine Salts™ "SMOOTH™" 100mg/mL ❄ USP Pharma

Consistent! Dependable! Perhaps the best!

I always know what I’m buying--and what I’m vaping into my body. This is a great product! Unfortunately, current political dispositions and public temperament want to change the behavior of papers. As long as I can buy this product I don’t think I could find anything better!

Efficient delivery

Hi quality hit nic. And they beat the customs mans deadline too yeah.

Nude Nicotine Salts

I was recommend this company quite a few years ago by a high end vaping outlet when nicotine salts were just becoming popular in the UK. I originally ordered a 500 ml bottle of ‘Smooth’ which lasted ages. When I went to order more there was issues with the US shipping so I couldn’t get any replenishment for ages. This forced me to true other brands. Nothing comes close to Nude Nicotine products. I have used the Pharma ‘Smooth, Signature and Hit' all of which are first class. I received the items quickly. I would recommend all of these products and Nude Nicotine. Probably pack up vaping if I couldn’t get their nicotine…

Very happy

Order and receive a great product

Synthetic Pure Nicotine
Trevor Campbell

Fantastic TFN

VG/PG Base Mix

Love it! Works exactly as I had hoped as a 1st time DIY-er. If you use a lot of flavorings though, you might want to get a bottle of just VG to balance ratio. I don't use more than 2% flavoring myself. I picked up in person and they had everything packed just as I hoped.

Wholesale 100mg/mL Nicotine Base, USP Pharma

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
Timothy Schwer

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Like always NN is my go to place

Absolutely love your true customer service, always prompt and courteous. NN is a class act purveyor that others should take serious note,

❄ Nicotine Salts™ "HIT™" 100mg/mL ❄ USP Pharma

Great service

Everything was packaged and delivered in excellent condition. Highly recommend