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Wholesale 100mg/mL Nicotine Base, USP Pharma

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
Timothy Schwer

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

Like always NN is my go to place

Absolutely love your true customer service, always prompt and courteous. NN is a class act purveyor that others should take serious note,

❄ Nicotine Salts™ "HIT™" 100mg/mL ❄ USP Pharma

Great service

Everything was packaged and delivered in excellent condition. Highly recommend

Nicotine Base 6mg/mL

First time customer. Very happy with product and shipping time. 5-stars!

❄ Nicotine Base 6mg/mL ❄ USP Pharma


Always good never had a complaint ever. This is my place I love to go-to the most. Just wish they could still ship more to us that love this product.

Nicotine Base 100mg/mL

I have been buying off nude nicotine for over 4 years now..the only issues I have had is with one parcel delivery ( i watched its progress around to new places with the tracking) Nude respond to my inquiry within 24 hours ( I am in a different country so there is always a time difference)
I have found the actual product to be a pleasant soft nut flavor that you can quite easily miss if you have a strong sugar-based flavor base.
I can not recommend this company enough as they have always sold me exactly what I wanted without the cheap gimmics. So on a side note thanks to these wonderful people I have been ciggie free for 4 and a half years


excellent service and product

❄ Nicotine Base 3mg/mL ❄ USP Pharma

Stainless Steel Wire

It's great!

The only company I buy from

I have tried other brands, they all make me cough and cough.
Nude Nicotine Signature Salts are the only one I use for the past 4 years.
Always smooth with a bit of a throat hit and very satisfying.
Dealing with the company has been a good experience as well, customer service, when needed is prompt and professional. Shipping is always perfect, they seal their bottles so no leaks and packing protects from any other damage.

I am so disappointed with the developments regarding the PACT Act and shipping with the big 3, USPS, FEDEX, UPS.
I don’t know where to turn to get this the next time I need it. Hopefully solutions will come. Until then, thank you so much Nude Nicotine, you have supported me exceptionally well these past 4 years. I just hope I can order again when I need to.
Best of Luck.

The Best Nic in the Game.

Wicked Awesome VG/PG. Top Shelf quality and always a pleasure to deal with. Thanks

Great product.

We need to come up with an alternative so we can order more materials to make our vape juices.

Propylene Glycol (PG)
Matthew Moore

Propylene Glycol (PG)

Awesome customer service and quality

These guys are awesome standing tall and providing amazing customer service during a difficult and unprecedented time in the industry, all the while providing some of the highest quality product available on the market today. Thank you!

Great products

Ordered during the nic crisis, they were very helpful and got my order to me. Very happy with the products I received. Great company will be using as long as there open.
Hey nude you should get into selling flavors now that river has abandoned the diy Community.

[Minty Menthol]
mark strnad

[Minty Menthol]

Great,prompt...even to australia,great juice!

Propylene Glycol (PG)
Nathaniel Baker

It's PG. It works.

Good product

They are perfect and just what I needed!

Great product !

Very nice packaging

Good as it gets

The nicotine is as good as it gets. There have been times i didnt think ahead and was forced to buy from places that would be out the door that day. But this place has the cleanest nicotine ive tried. Its the only product that doesnt have that tobacco leaf taste most get after a week. I keep my nicotine in a mini fridge with a lock and I'll have a few oz out for mixing up, and it never went bad. Others do despite same care. What can i say. Its the best there is. Period.

i really enjoy the way the nicotine blends with my extracts. very smooth and satisfying