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HIT nicotine salt

I sent a separate email to change the signiture to HIT & the way I smoke it at 50 power on the battery I think 5-6 is the max strength I had it at 10-12 it was still ok but hit me in the chest a bit too strong. I smoke it all day long it never leaves my hand but if you work in a office or hold baby's like my sister or even do a manual job you need to make your juice 20-30 strength & turn your battery at 20-25 this salt nicotine will allow you to take a imidiate satisfieing nic hit unlike the non salt nic that can take 20 minutes of smoking to get it in your blood stream this is a lot more like a cigarette. After you eat or when you wake up with a coffee you get that satisfaction with ether HIT or signiture! Smooth is non tasting you can smoke your head off & still crave that feeling in the throat

Flavorless, Odorless

Would have 5 stars if it was sold in a PG base.

VG/PG Base Mix
Todd Berry

Always top notch product and service from NudeNicotine. The ability to easily customize my order is fantastic. Only ever had one issue with an order and it was a damaged during shipping issue that they quickly took care of without any problems.

Good smooth Salt Nicotine

Wow prices went crazy + crazy Shipping prices Also, Double the price now. Used to pay $30 now Cost $90 for same product size.
Searching for new Nicotine Seller in USA that has Smooth Nicotine. Or Return to Free Shipping Again please.

Fast shipping!

Super fast shipping. Not sure if the batch was supposed to be caramel in color because it was pg base?

Wholesale 100mg/mL Nicotine Base, USP Pharma

Top notch

Great stuff, professional packaging, obviously high quality.

Propylene Glycol (PG)
Susan Pomocnik

Love all products from Nude Nicotine. So clean.

Mail it!

Love your products and ease of website, but when I am buying non-nicotine lab equipment, I wish you had a cheaper shipping option.

Wish I had found this sooner

Great stuff and is my go to from now on. In stock and ready to ship. Great product, great company.

VG/PG Base Mix
Daniel Connell
Wow, nice

Good product, excellent price

Very satisfied

My first purchase with Nude. Smooth process , and very smooth product. Shipped fast. I am very satisfied with the product and service. I will definitely be using Nude nicotine as my supplier

The best

Awesome products, awesome service.
Thank you

You Get What You Pay For

Nude Nicotine consistently provides the best product on the market.

Glad you're back

Glad you're back. But equally glad I stocked up back in March since the price is now 3x what it was then

Welcome back!!!

SO glad to see retail back. While you were gone, I bought a little freezer, and loaded up with something like a 10 year personal supply...admittedly including some from other sources. But NN quality has always been my hands-down favorite, so I'll relegate anything else to "emergency use only" and happily mix with the best.

Synthetic Smooth™ Nicotine Salts™ - 100mg/mL
Danny Barnes
Can I just comment on the awesome packing and shipping?

This is my second order from NN, and of course, the product is top notch. As mentioned by a previous reviewer, the nic is as smooth as William Riker's freshly shaven face. However, I'd just like to compliment the shipping department! They could teach many other suppliers some good lessons. Packed with care and professionalism. I appreciate the use of paper packing in lieu of foam, and the tape around the bottle caps... I need to know what that is, because it's fantastic stuff. Cheers!

Synthetic Smooth™ Nicotine Salts™ - 100mg/mL
Ruben Yanez

Synthetic Smooth™ Nicotine Salts™ - 100mg/mL

Best quality

Amazing taste. Professional quality. Unparalleled quality. Outstanding service.

Synthetic 100mg/mL Nicotine
Jon Kelley

Synthetic 100mg/mL Nicotine

Fantastic Products & Customer Service

Nude Nicotine Base 100mg/mL USP Pharma, Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and customer service from Hailey Cook are top notch! Nude Nicotine is my go-to from now on. Thank you!

Synthetic 100mg/mL Nicotine
James Kessner
First time using Syntha

I have been making my own e liquid for awhile and have tried many different brands of liquid nicotine. I have to say this definitely does the trick and is just as good as any of the natural nicotine I've used in the past. So I'm very satisfied with their product and will be ordering more in the future.

Synthetic 100mg/mL Nicotine
Matt Reiter
First time trying synthetic nic

Just made first batch of juice using Nude Nicotine synthetic nic. I am very pleased with their product, cant tell a difference between synthetic or natural. Colorless and flavorless, does not have any peppery aftertaste either. Will be ordering more very soon.

Best nicotine in the market!

Hand downs the best nicotine money can buy. NudeNicotine's team is far superior in every aspect compared to the alternatives out there.