Euroflavor Flavor Concentrates

wildberry transparent final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Wildberry

A collection of different wild, field berries. Perfectly blend of sweet berries with a perfect hint of tartness.

blue raspberry final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Blue Raspberry

Originally derived from the blue whitebark raspberry fruit. Candied berries that are sweet yet slightly tangy.

blueberry transparent final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Blueberry

Dark blue and perfectly ripened. Sweet, delicious blueberries with a hint of tanginess.

peach transparent final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Peach

Accurate and real peach flavor with a crisp bite and nectarine tones. Absolutely delicious by itself and compliments other flavor profiles perfectly.

vanilla transparent final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Vanilla

A superior vanilla that pairs well with other creams and fruits. A perfect compliment to other fruits, desserts, and creams to create more complex ...

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Yellow Mango Final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Yellow Mango

Our Yellow Mango is perfectly ripe and golden. Sweet and juicy. Ideal for tropical mixes and blends.

sweet watermelon transparent final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Watermelon

Sweet, refreshing flavor that is incredibly juicy and just as satisfying. Works well by itself or as a compliment to other fruits and dessert flavors.

Pipe Tobacco Final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Pipe Tobacco

Well-blended pipe tobacco cured to perfection with deep vanilla notes. Works well with a variety of nutty, creamy, or other sweet flavors.

honeydew melon transparent final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Honeydew Melon

Juicy and sweet. When completely ripened, our Honeydew Melon combines the sweetness of melons and honey. Distinct and refreshing.

Red Grapefruit transparent final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Red Grapefruit

Tangy with a bitterness and a sweetness on the exhale. Unique and accurate flavor profile to an actual red grapefruit.

banana transparent final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Banana

Wonderfully sweet. Firm yet creamy. Perfectly ripe with a yellow jacket.

white coffee transparent final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor White Coffee

Our bold coffee with a splash of sweet cream. The fresh smell of coffee accompanied by the rich full flavor of our White Coffee.

Milk Chocolate transparent final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Milk Chocolate

Milky, creamy, and sweet chocolate that melts in your mouth. Perfectly compliments a wide variety of other sweet flavors and desserts.

red apple transparent final
from $3.50

EuroFlavor Red Apple

Succulent and sweet; a nice reminder of the flavor of freshly picked fall apples from Washington.