Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire


FeCrAl alloy resistance wire; the best for use in your atomizer coils. High resistivity and very good oxidation resistance in comparison to Nichrome wire. 24, 28, & 32 gauge wires available, as well as 0.6mm x 0.1mm & 0.8mm x 0.1mm ribbon wire! Each lot of Kanthal A1 wire is sold in 25-foot cuts neatly spooled and tied for easy dispense. For your reference, listed below are the resistances of the Kanthal A1 wire gauges we offer: 22g = 0.11 ohms/inch 24g = 0.18 ohms/inch 26g = 0.29 ohms/inch 28g = 0.46 ohms/inch 30g = 0.72 ohms/inch 32g = 1.14 ohms/inch 0.6mm x 0.1mm Ribbon = 0.63 ohms/inch 0.8mm x 0.1mm Ribbon = 0.48 ohms/inch Remember, your overall atomizer performance is not only a function of your wire length and supplied voltage/current, but also a function of the heat/area achieved with varying distances and widths of your coils :)