Legal Importation of Nude Nicotine to Canadian Provinces

Nude Nicotine is proud to be able to be legally importing its Nicotine Bases and Nicotine Salts into Canada under the Tobacco & Vaping Products Act (TVPA)! This legislation now allows for the import of goods containing nicotine as a sole ingredient from outside Canada to within, using standard transport methods, for both retailers and wholesalers!

1. DIYers: Consumers and DIYers are allowed to import “reasonable amounts for 90 day supply within a 90 day period [of] personal shipments of vaping products containing less than 66 mg/ml nicotine.” Consumers may import Nude Nicotine eLiquids and Nicotine bases less than 66mg/mL for personal use – we estimate this amount to be around a gallon of 60mg/mL nicotine base or salt.

2. Commercial Manufacturers: “Commercial shipments of vaping products with no health claims and no health product ingredients… contain[ing] nicotine as a sole ingredient… may now be imported into Canada under the TPVA.” Manufacturers of eLiquid may import concentrations of nicotine higher than 66mg/mL for the purpose of dilution to below 66mg/mL in their eLiquid products for commercial sale. This import is restricted to businesses with a Canadian Tax-ID number.

This has been a long-time-coming for some of our closest friends, both DIYers and commercial manufacturers north-of-the-border. We are fully committed to ensuring the safe and proper transit of our nicotine bases and salts to you in Canada with the utmost transparency. The Customs Notice 18-05 tied to the newly released TVPA regulations is new information for everyone! This means that there are bound to be a few questions regarding the subject. Please stay-tuned for an informational Q&A linked to this topic on the “Updates” section of the Nude Nicotine website.

You can read more on the TVPA and Bill S-5 on the Health Canada and the Canada Border Services Agency websites.

In spirit of this groundbreaking regulatory modification, please let us release a coupon code for our Canadian customers!!! We are dedicated to serving you! (Check our Chemist Corner Newsletter to learn more)

Nude Nicotine’s Quality Guarantee

Nude Nicotine guarantees the quality of nicotine bases and salts with a full money-back guarantee for wholesalers and DIYers – we are committed to the highest level of customer service for anyone purchasing our products! Nude Nicotine will guarantee the integrity of our formulation during shipping  to ensure your optimal enjoyment of our nicotine bases and salts. While Nude Nicotine products contain nicotine, and are prone to oxidation if improperly stored, we will work tirelessly to ensure the appropriate transit is employed to get our products to you safely, quickly, and without delay. (If you have questions as how to best extend the shelf life of you Nude Nicotine products upon arrival, please don’t hesitate to get in touch).

Nude Nicotine will also guarantee the timely arrival of shipments within its control. Unless otherwise noted, our staff will manufacture/process your order for shipping in less than 3 business days, ship the product in tested & secure packaging with a guarantee against spillage/leakage, and will be available to assist in tracking or final-line issues if they ever arise. We are wholly committed to making your experience with our laboratory of the highest caliber – both enjoyable and informative! This guarantee is our promise to treat you with the utmost care and respect, regardless of whether you use these products personally, or formulate for others in a business environment.

You deserve a big thank you from all of us at the Nude Nicotine laboratory (not only for reading our quality guarantee, but for being the best part of the Nude Nicotine family – our customer and “field-chemist!” We appreciate you!


Warmest regards,
The Nude Nicotine team
(858) 216-2044

eLiquid eXposé

It’s been a while since we have given the eLiquid portion of our site some thought to its purpose. Originally we only featured a few of our own formulations, however we were missing a very key ingredient…. friends and family!!! Our full-time focus here at Nude Nicotine is on quality raw materials – nicotine bases, salts, etc… and therefore there are some amazing laboratories our there that have turned our formulations into beautiful finished products! We’ve been enjoying them, and thought you should to.

Each of these formulations will make their way into the eLiquid eXposé with a feature and background on the brand(s) involved in the fine liquids you see on display! These selections are of the highest quality, are backed by honest businessmen and women who invest in their customer base, and are locally stocked here at the Nude Nicotine laboratory in FIFO-fashion! They are stored in our freezer system ready to ship within 48 hours maximum along with other products:

The first brand you will see on eXposé is the Brewell x NudeNic collaboration: Infuzion – a nicotine salt line with well-rounded flavors fit for any closed system. There is a desert, cream, tobacco, and fruit+menthol flavor comprising the line, with something for everyone. Infuzed with throat-kicking nicotine salts incorporating Nude Nicotine technology. 18, 36, and 50mg/mL variants available.

The second brand you will see on eXposé is our very own Pi – not 3.14, but pie! 5 fruit-based pie filling flavors are combined with a base graham crust and pastry topping for a true-to-name representation of 5 traditional pies from different areas of the USA. Incorporating throat-kicking nicotine salts incorporating Nude Nicotine technology. 18, 36, and 50mg/mL variants available.

New Flavor Concentrates from Euro Flavor!

In an effort to bring our DIY customers some variation in their choices for flavor concentrates from our website, you will start to see us onboard a few select brands and flavors over the coming months… and right now! Without further ado, let us introduce you to Euro Flavor!!!!

Based out of Houston Texas, Raymond Shin and his wife Kate, in combination with a great team, run a quality flavor house that manufacturers concentrates solely for the eLiquid market, just like us! Their flavor profiles are true-to-name, have great value, are insanely easy to use, but most importantly, are VERY concentrated. We have worked intimately with Raymond and his team to select 20 of his most popular flavors to release into inventory, IMMEDIATELY! 15mL and 60mL sizes will be stocked initially, and larger sizes are to-come very quickly. Please suggest to us what sizes you would like to see stocked, and if there is a Euro Flavor you enjoy that we don’t currently stock, please be sure to suggest it to us right away. 

Visit the Nude Nicotine “Concentrated Flavorings” section of the website to have access to each individual Euro Flavor’s page! You can also easily search the website for Euro Flavor and results will pop up neatly.

2017 Cyber Week Sale!

For the rest of this Cyber Week all FIFO (Freeze-In, First-Out) products are on sale! That means Euro Flavor Concentrates too!!!

All Euro Flavor concentrates will be discounted 15%-off their retail price from now through to the Christmas holiday, NO COUPON CODE NEEDED! But most importantly list of flavors from them stocked in the Nude Nicotine Freezers as FIFO SKUs!!! They will ship within 48 hours from purchase if combined in an order containing only other FIFO products:

American Blend Gold
Pipe Tobacco

Blue Raspberry
Yellow Mango
Sour Apple
Sweet Watermelon
Red Apple
Red Grapefruit
Honeydew Melon
Yellow Guava

Milk Chocolate
Creamy Coconut
White Chocolate

2017 Black Friday and Holiday Sale!

On this fantastic Thanksgiving holiday we are launching our new FIFO system and kicking off the holidays with fantastic deals and releases from Black Friday straight through to Christmas! We here at NN and NNA are very thankful for each and everyone of you who continue coming back to us and are excited and proud to bring you some of the newest innovations leading into 2018.  We hope you have the most joyous and warmest of Holiday seasons.

Active today, Thursday, November 26th @ 9:00PM PST through the end of next week on Saturday, December 2nd @ 9PM PST, all of our Nicotine FIFO SKU’swill be discounted 30% or more! This includes:

  1. Nicotine Salt “HIT” 100mg/mL 100% VG 120mL ($25 discounted –> $15)
  2. Nicotine Salt “SIGNATURE” 100mg/mL 100% VG 120mL ($25 discounted –> $15)
  3. Nicotine Salt “SMOOTH” 100mg/mL 100% VG 120mL ($25 discounted –> $15)
  4. Nicotine Base 100mg/mL 100% VG 120mL ($19 discounted –> $12)
  5. Nicotine Base 100mg/mL 100% PG 120mL ($19 discounted –> $12)

We would love to introduce you to our new and improved FIFO system this holiday season, and would love your recommendations for additional SKUs to stock within our FIFO freezers. When we receive enough requests, we will add the product based on your demand and lab logistics!

In addition, we would like to notify you of some other products being discounted and released to the Nude Nicotine website this holiday season from Cyber Monday –> Christmas:

Week of Cyber Monday:
Euro Flavor flavor concentrate releases! We have carefully selected 20 flavor concentrates with the Euro Flavor staff, and will be stocking 10mL and 60mL sizes on the website for your purchase with starter kits, or on their own! More information, pricing and discounts TBA on the next upcoming email.
First Week of December:
Nude Nicotine “Pi” Salt eLiquids and Brewell Vapory “Infuzion” Salt eLiquids! NN and Brewell have joined forces to release a dual-line distributed in partnership. Our current Pi eLiquids are getting a makeover, and the Brewell/Phix/Nude flavor chemistry comes alive and available in refillable form. More information, pricing and discounts TBA on the next upcoming email.
Please stand-by for updates regarding these two additional releases! We will have stock updates, entry into into the FIFO system, special releases, and much more to come. 
Warmest regards,
The NN and NNA Team
(858) 216-2044

FIFO Shipping System: “First In, First Out!”

FIFO – Freeze in, First out – is Nude Nicotine’s new on-demand shipping option! We have a select amount of SKU that are kept in-stock in our -20C freezer system for immediate retrieval and shipping. Instead of the traditional Nude Nicotine methodology for website orders of receive, manufacture, ship, we now have the option to ship without the need for manufacturing lead time!

Freeze in First out orders are selectively shipped first and foremost, with a maximum 48 hour wait time from order-placed to out-the-door. If your order is placed before 8am, it will be processed and shipped by the next day, guaranteed!

Nude Nicotine has a mantra of quality over quantity – and with the massive amount of custom formulations we are processing daily, it became self-evident that the custom formulations needed to be segregated from the popular and common SKUS we formulate daily. The loyal customers we service with custom formulations could not be forgotten, hence you will still see the wide seleciton of nicotine bases for purchase for many years to come. However, you will begin to notice the use of the snowflake symbol (❄) and the inclusion of “FIFO Ready” phrases throughout certain products on the site, and also linked to in the FIFO category of the product’s page on the NN website. As our ability to translate predictive order volumes of website SKUs into a freezer system that can allow for on-demand order shipping becomes more expansive, you will see more-and-more SKUs being added to the FIFO system!

To begin, we would like to introduce to the FIFO system our five most popular SKUS!:

1) 100mg/mL Nicotine Salt “HIT” 100% VG 120mL

2) 100mg/mL Nicotine Salt “SIGNATURE” 100% VG 120mL

3) 100mg/mL Nicotine Salt “SMOOTH” 100% VG 120mL

4) 100mg/mL Nicotine Base 100% VG 120mL

5) 100mg/mL Nicotine Base 100% VG 120mL

Each of these five SKUS are stocked in quantities of 400 units, and will be continually reevaluated for reformulation as often as needed to keept a stock that is in the freezer for no-longer than 14 days!

Please do inform us what bottle sizes, nicotine concentrations, variations of salts, etc, you would like to see us stock within the FIFO system for immediate shipment! If we receive enough requests for specific formulations, we will start stocking enough quantity for those requests to be honored as our freezer space grows outside of our hazmat-approved pure nicotine storage system!

Black Friday at Nude Nicotine

How could we ignore this time of year as very key for us as DIYers – December 31stis approaching and post-2016 the landscape of DIY eLiquid could stand to change drastically as we know it. While the regulatory regarding home blending purchases hasn’t been written in stone, formulators should be keen on staying in touch us for the latest updates and information coming directly from the FDA’s CTP (Center for Tobacco Products). In the meantime, what a better season to give the gift of DIY, or educate yourself about a new formula or technique unbeknownst to your arsenal.

Nude Nicotine would like to honor a 30% discount this Black Friday on some of our most key, popular, and revolutionary formulae (applicable to aliquot sizes 1 gallon and under).

  • 100mg/mL, 72mg/mL, and 3mg/mL Nicotine Bases
  • Nicotine Salts – Hit, Signature, and Smooth
  • Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin
  • 3 New Natural Sweeteners (Rebaudioside A, Monk Fruit Extract, and Erythritol)

Enter the coupon code:


for 30%-off of these key formulae from tonight, midnight 11/25/16Eastern Standard Time (EST), until Monday night, 11/28/16, at 11:59PMPacific Standard Time (PST).

Please stay tuned for updates throughout the weekend from the Chemist Corner Newsletter! We will have periodic flash sales on unique products as the weekend progresses.

Disclaimer: Limited quantities of solution are available, and slight delays due to high demand may occur. Please communicate with us directly and check back to the shipping page on our website for more information!

August 8th Deadline with Nude Nicotine

Just a friendly reminder for you DIYer’s and entrepreneurs regarding the August 8th date – No hiccups and delays as of yet – no regulations on “non-final” tobacco products (raw materials) have been released. It is a good time to stock up, but no “doomsday date” has been set. We will keep everyone informed on public restrictions as they arise. 


Jake – CEO

New Product Release – Nicotine Salt Nicotine Bases!

You may notice a new tab on the Products Page on the Nude Nicotine website – have a look at the Nicotine Salts Nicotine Base page!!! Rarely do we have new nicotine formula releases.

“Signature,” “Hit,” and “Smooth” Nicotine Salt formulations are designed around harnessing the differing properties of nicotine inhalation character. Each of these three formulae are a differing blend of multiple cationic acids known to bind electro-negative nicotine on the tobacco leaf, and others that we have unique IP in-development at the laboratory!




Phone Support

Hi Guys! Due to an employee meeting phone support will be down for about an hour starting around 11:30, feel free to leave a voicemail and I will get call backs down immediately