❄ Nicotine Salts™ "SIGNATURE™" 100mg/mL ❄ USP Pharma


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“Signature” Nicotine Salts solution is one of our three Nicotine Salts formulations designed around harnessing the differing properties of nicotine inhalation character. “Signature” utilizes a blend of multiple cations in exacting proportions to that of the tobacco leaf. “Signature” is a singular focus of our knowledge in X-Ray Crystallography on the cationic acid-bound-nicotine complexes on the tobacco leaf. If there is a formulation on the market emulating the EXACTING inhalation/exhale characteristics of tobacco leaf nicotine, this it it. “Signature” is a combination of the two characteristics of both other formulations, “Hit” and “Smooth.” While “Hit” focused on nicotines ability to “bite” the back of the throat, “Smooth” focused on binding nicotines basic nitrogen centers to “smoothen” the bit of the inhale, along with masking harness of the exhale. These two characteristics were the polar opposite ends of the spectrum of nicotine inhalation/exhalation character, and as you guessed, “Signature is a solid combination of both characteristics with tobacco-specific origins. Numerous cationic acids exist on the tobacco leaf; we know this since the pH of tobacco smoke is closer to 5 on the pH scale (1-14) than that of the basic nicotine, which is closer to 8. These acids possess positive charges, AKA free hydrogens, with exhibit attraction to nicotine’s basic nitrogen centers. This is nature’s beautiful way of stabilizing the nicotine molecule for prolonged activity and defense against oxidative degradation. The binding of cationic salts at nicotine’s electronegative nitrogens prolongs the oxidative damage it may suffer in comparison to a non-salt formulation! X-Ray Crystallography and other data from literature was aggregated in-lieu of traditional GC/MS or LC/MS reports due to the weaker binding forces that hold these cationic-anionic pairs together. Basically, they have to be frozen down to cryogenic temperatures to lock bonds in-place and then analyzed in-situ. This reveals the pairs of nicotine and acid bound together that would normally be separated when solvated into solution! We are able to bind these pairs in-situ at the Nude Nicotine laboratory pre-dilution to achieve this effect. "Signature" Nicotine Salts are formulated at 100mg/mL concentration and diluted in VG, are ready for use immediately. The use of the cationic salts may accelerate the color change of the nicotine salt solution, but is by no means indicative of oxidation therein. The binding of the two molecules results in a sharing of electrons from the cationic salt with the anionic nicotine, resulting in color!!!