Conical Vials (For Mixing)

We use these conical vials in out laboratory here at Nude Nicotine because of their wide-mouthed opening for easy fills/draws. Each is imprinted with a white center for writing, and graduated markings for quick and easy formulations. These are perfect for the DIY eliquid formulator looking to maintain accuracy in their measurements without the mess of syringes for gross measurements. Each tube is internally sterile and ready for use. Made from polypropylene, these conical vials are perfect for mixing most eliquids. Please do not store flavors high in ester content or with a lower pH range, as the PP may degrade. We recommend placing these conical vials in our conical vial rack for easy access and storage, however the threads are liquid-tight and should hold your eliquid even when inverted and rested on their caps. Please be mindful not to over-tighten the plastic as to crack the cap :)