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This nicotine product is intended for use in oral/dermal nootropic, laboratory research, & nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) formulations ONLY. This includes, but is not limited to: gum, lozenges, transdermal patches, oral sprays, inhalers. This product is NOT intended for use in electronic cigarettes, vaporizers or any vaping application.

 Now available in 120mL - 1L sizes! FIFO - Freeze in, First out - is Nude Nicotine's new on-demand shipping option! We have a select amount of SKU that are kept in-stock in our -20C freezer system for immediate retrieval and shipping. Instead of the traditional Nude Nicotine method of manufacture-to-order, we now have the option to ship immediately without lead-time! Freeze in First out orders are selectively shipped first and foremost, with a maximum 48 hour wait time from order-placed to out-the-door.

If your order is placed before 8:00 am (PST) on Mon-Thurs, it will be processed and shipped by the next day!

(All orders placed after 8:00 am (PST) Friday will be processed and shipped on the following Monday)

Our 100mg/mL pure nicotine base is solvated in USP-grade propylene glycol (PG) and USP-grade vegetable glycerin (VG)  ready to be diluted and flavored. There is ABSOLUTELY NO taste, so flavor away to your liking and enjoy! This is the purest nicotine base on the market, and each quantity comes with certificate of analysis (CoA), guaranteeing its purity. Click here to view our most recent certificate :) We test each lot of nicotine under the USP34 protocol by GC/MS, the toxicology industry standard for purity analysis. We also ensure each package of our 100mg/mL nicotine base is adequately packaged and safely shipped to your door. For more information on the anatomy of a Nude Nicotine package, click here. ***Warning*** This product is for DIY use only. Nicotine strengths of this concentration must be dealt with using adequate personal protective equipment, proper ventilation, and appropriate containers for the diluted end-product. Stay up to date with nicotine base stock information – subscribe to the Nude Nicotine Chemist’s Corner Newsletter to up-to-date product information and status alerts ?

Customer Reviews

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donovan moneymaker
Fantastic product and customer service

superb! Fantastic, the product is top quality and the service is the best! Thank you so much, loyal customer and will buy again for years to come

Carey James
Finally some quality product * from Nz

Shipping took a while - how ever got my order ( I’m located in NZ ) packaging was spot on was updated with tracking all the way - I’m very happy thanks

Scott Quinnell

Great product!

Joshua Miller
Very good quality

Nude nic gave me my very 1st nicotine sample back in 2015. Since then I've tried about 2 dozen different companies nic for my liquids. Nude is up there with any other I've tried. It always titrates within tolerance, has no off notes... Until the pandemic I would highly recommend them, I still do, but the prices have went up drastically at nude and is the reason they don't get 5 star from me. They've always been alittle more than alot of other sellers but now it's almost double the price of what other usable nic is being sold for from other vendors. It is a high quality product but for me personally I can't justify paying 75% more than another vendor who has a perfectly acceptable product as well. If it was back under 100$ a liter I would jump all over it because I'd pay the 20$ more than what other vendors are charging. At 155$ I just can't do it.

Great nicotine base

To be honest I haven't tried many Nicotine Bases, but the Nicotine Base from Nude Nicotine has become my go to Base of choice.