Wholesale Synthetic 100mg/mL Nicotine

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This nicotine product is intended for use in oral/dermal nootropic, laboratory research, & nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) formulations ONLY. This includes, but is not limited to: gum, lozenges, transdermal patches, oral sprays, inhalers. This product is NOT intended for use in electronic cigarettes, vaporizers or any vaping application.

NN “Syntha” - Synthetic Nicotine (New Release):

“Syntha,” Nude Nicotine’s Synthetic Nicotine, has been prepared in the laboratory and does not come from tobacco. That’s correct – nicotine, that is TRULY TOBACCO FREE!

Our ‘Syntha” Synthetic Nicotine is constructed in the laboratory from pyrrolidine and pyridine backbone chemistries, then further purified by chromatography, followed by a final distillation step. The purity and quality of our Syntha is like no other and has the benefits of being racemized to 50% R-isomer and 50% S-isomer (industry standard as-of-current). Synthetic “Syntha” Nicotine purity is on-par with our “Pharma” grade, at or above 99.5%, 0.5% purer than USP. 

Syntha is available in two master formulations:

  1. Racemic – 50% R / 50% S-isomer – Racemic Syntha is a mixture of both nicotine isomers, with a unique chemical signature due to the presence of the R-isomer in the blend. Tobacco nicotine does not have the R-isomer. The performance of this blend is considered industry-standard for synthetic nicotine as it-is the most widely adopted.
  2. Isomerized – 100% S-isomer – Isomerized Syntha is a 100% S-isomer synthetic nicotine that performs identical to tobacco-nicotine. The racemic Syntha is subjected to additional steps of processing and refinement to produce a synthetic nicotine that is devoid of R-isomer. We feel that this is the highest-performing synthetic nicotine.

Each batch of “Syntha” nicotine is supported as a true-synthetic (non-tobacco) product with batch identification, certificates of origin, and certificates of analysis. We test for the absence of tobacco alkaloids, as well as a radiocarbon c14 analysis for the absence of biobased carbon.

We at Nude Nicotine are committed to the reduction of the environmental impact of our industry as a whole. The efforts to reduce land impact through the tobacco-growing process is a core-value at Nude Nicotine, and by reducing the amount of nicotine produced through conventional farming methods, we are on our way to reducing the support of the tobacco industry by the purchase of cigarette tobacco for distillation into pure nicotine. [590 metric tons] of CO2 [emissions] per million cigarettes” (1). This equates to ~26 metric tons of C02 reduction in farming and tobacco processing per 1000L of pure nicotine produced (2).