Wholesale Monk Fruit Extract Solutions

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Monk Fruit Extract is one of our three natural eLiquid sweetener alternatives for those looking to stray away from synthetics. The Luo Han Guo AKA MonkFruit is a sweetener native to Asia whose fruits are dried and purified to obtain the blend of mogrosides needed for use as a sweetening agent. Synthetic structures like sucralose have mass losses at lower temperatures (320F!!!), resulting in premature caramelization of coils and wicks, severely reducing atomizer performance.
The Mogrosides in the Monk Fruit Extract are EXTREMELY heat stable, withstanding temperatures up to 1100F without degradation or major mass loss. This is a performance sweetener if there is one. 300x sweeter than sugar, Mogrosides are very unique in their sweetening characteristics; a blend of the 11 major mogrosides is key in this natural sweetener.
Monk Fruit Extract Solution can be used as a direct replacement for Ethyl Maltol, similarly sweet and as a modifier in desert and bakery flavors. The sweetness of the Luo Han Guo extract is unparalleled in its flavor - there is nothing else available like this on the market :) We blend these mogrosides into a 5% w/v% solution in VG, ready for your dilution. Recommended for use at between 1 and 5% in your final solution. Be prepared to lower your concentrations from between 1/3 to 1/2 that of your ethyl maltol percentages as a starting point.