Wholesale Ethyl Maltol Solutions (5-10%)

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Ethyl Maltol (EM) – Common confectionary sweetner used in eliquids to round out harsh upper notes and sweeten sour/bitter flavors. Many know ethyl maltol solutions by the name - Cotton Candy from the Flavor Apprentice. Our solution of EM is concentrated at 10% for PG (Industry standard) and at 5% in VG (PG-free). PG can attain a max solubility of ~100mg/mL (10% solution) of EM, while VG can only obtain ~55mg/mL.  However through us in our formulations, we have found the 10% PG and 5% VG solutions to be the most stable and usable concentrations.  5% VG solutions are great for those looking to make a true 100% PG-free vape - ethyl maltol is seemingly difficult to find in these solvents :) Recommended dilutions for final end concentrations of EM in eliquid are ~1-5mg/mL (0.1-0.5%) to start, of course adjusting for taste preference. Remember EM doesn’t magically make eliquids ‘pop,’ flavor art takes research! Upon rapid cooling, ethyl maltol can sometimes crystallize out of solution. If you see a slight amount of particulate in solution, gentle heating should resolublize the ethyl maltol surprisingly well :)