Wholesale Erythritol Solution (5%)

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Erythritol is one of our three natural eLiquid sweetener alternatives for those looking to stray away from synthetics. Synthetic structures like sucralose have mass losses at lower temperatures (320F!!!), resulting in premature caramelization of coils and wicks, severely reducing atomizer performance. Erythritol is EXTREMELY heat stable and similar in glycerol in heat performance, withstanding temperatures up to 625F without degradation or major mass loss. This is a performance sweetener if there is one.
"Erythritol is a 4 carbon saturated sugar alcohol, very similar to VG, which is a 3 carbon sugar alcohol. However, Erythritol is significantly sweeter in solution, comparable to 1/4 - 1/2 the sweetness of sucralose in vaping solutions.
Erythritol is sold as a 5% in VG solution , and recommended for use as a sweetener in a recommended working range from 1-5% Erythritol solubility is compromised in PG, thus our exclusion of this formula and deeper focus on the VG solution