Tartaric Acid Solutions (5-10%)

Tartaric Acid – A lesser-known ‘tart’ener, but renown for its ability to mask sweetness at light concentrations. Concentrations of 0.05-0.1% are usually sufficient to calm sweetness from varied blends, but is highly specific to certain flavorings. While tartaric acid is not the active ingredient in FlavourArt’s Magic Mask, we feel that lower concentrations of tartaric acid, if used with complementary acids, can mimic the pH-softening effect of Magic Mask. Our solution of tartaric acid is concentrated at 10% for PG (Industry standard) and at 5% in VG (PG-free). PG can attain a max solubility of ~100mg/mL (10% solution) of tartaric acid, while VG can only obtain ~55mg/mL.  However through us in our formulations, we have found the 10% PG and 5% VG solutions to be the most stable and usable concentrations. 5% VG solutions are great for those looking to make a true 100% PG-free vape - tartaric acid is seemingly difficult to find in these solvents :)