"QuickWick" Cotton Coil Wicking System (10-pack)

Quit wasting your time ripping, cutting, twisting, measuring, AND trimming your cotton when it’s time to rewick. Quickwick lets you rewick your coils in seconds flat! It's the perfect option for tasting parties, traveling, or any situation you'd rather not pull your whole kit out just to refresh your flavor. These are absolutely perfect for rewicking on-the-go. Whether you are attempting to quickly rewick a burnt cotton strip, tasting varying flavors in one sitting, or have trouble stuffing wound-out cotton ends through coils, these QuickWicks bring simplicity and ease to the rewicking process! A Quickwick Starter Kit contains 10 individual Quickwicks within the high quality embossed container pictured here. Starter Kit dimensions are 2.4" x 1.9" x 0.5", approximately the size of a mini-Altoid tin. Quickwick is currently available in a 3mm outer diameter - keep an eye out for 3.5mm, 4mm, and 4.5mm versions in our refill kits available soon! Zack from Wet Wick Supply Company is an outstanding friend of our laboratory. We at Nude Nicotine stand behind the validity and efficacy of his product and brand. Check out this comparison video by Coval Vapes, one of our dear friends and clients, who took the time to hold this awesome "wick-off!!!"