[Pumpkin Velvet]

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The king of all dessert flavors. This luscious extract of gently baked pumpkin flesh (skins and all) has been pulverized and condensed into a luscious simple syrup-like liquor. While other pumpkin 'spice' flavors are muddled with overpowering allspice nutmeg and cinnamon, Pumpkin Velvet is constructed by adding these ingredients in sparing amounts after the reflux, as to not interfere with the delicate pumpkin flesh.

All of our concentrated flavors are extracted and solvated in a proprietary blend of VG and ethyl alcohol, ensuring those who seek to formulate their own max VG e-liquids. Shipped in clear glass vials with polycone caps. Recommended for use at 2.5% - 7.5%.