Plastic Amber Storage Bottles

Our PET plastic bottles are the same bottles we ship our 120mL, 250mL, 500mL, and 1000mL products in. Nonreactive PET plastic and polycone LDPE caps make for a perfect bottle to store any concentration of eliquid. Polycone caps are guaranteed non-reactive and form an extraordinarily tight seal along the bottles top. Perfect for storing your own batch eliquid formulations or breaking your concentrated nicotine base into smaller sizes for freezing and storage. 100mg/mL nicotine base is well kept in PET plastic for up to 6 months, but should be transferred to amber glass bottles for prolonged storage. Some conversions for reference : 60mL = ~2oz 120mL = ~4oz 250mL = ~8oz 500mL = ~16oz 1000mL = ~32oz