Nude Nicotine Test Kit - HIGH RESOLUTION

We at Nude Nicotine have developed this tried-and-true titration for the determination of nicotine content in eLiquids. Included are instructions for use that even the newest of vapers and DIY enthusiasts can perform. Included is everything you will need for the determination of nicotine concentration, from the most dilute eLiquid solutions to 100mg/mL concentrated nicotine base. Here is what is included in your Nude Nicotine Test High Resolution Test Kit - - x3 1mL & 5mL syringes -x2 15 & 50mL graduated conical vials -60mL 0.01M sulfuric acid solution (acid for titration of 'basic' nicotine) -5mL dropper bottle - Bromothymol Blue (color indicator) -60mL distilled H2O -10 pack of nitrile gloves Unlike other nicotine test kits on the market, we utilize a more dilute acid solution for increased resolution in readings. Tl;dr - Your results will likely be more accurate than competing nicotine test kits! An added plus is the sulfuric acid solution is also less dangerous at lower concentrations. A drop on your skin will not immediately lead to itching and irritation like more concentrated solutions. We do advise to take precaution and utilize the gloves included in your test kit for your personal protection :) Instructions are included with your test kit, but here is a copy of the documentation just in case!: A FULL VERSION OF THE CALCULATIONS SHEET INCLUDED WITH YOUR KIT CAN BE DOWNLOADED HERE :) FEEL FREE TO SHARE! FYI - a full kit should yield 10+ tests at the 1mL sample volume. Increasingly more if your test liquid is more dilute! Be educated. Stay healthy. Vape Strong!