Nude Armor v3 24mg/mL

What happens when our fancy ARMOR packaging disappears? How will your concentrated nicotine solutions withstand the test of time? We thought our Armor series was progressing nicely, however we can always improve. Let us introduce you to Nude ARMOR Nicotine Base v3!!!
While our armor v1 and v2 focused on bottling innovations, ARMOR v3 brings a new focus to solution integrity. Rather than focusing our energy on bullet proof packaging and user friendly access, ARMOR v3 shifts our attention towards maintaining a solution free of oxidized nicotine, regardless of container specs and handling. ARMOR v3 incorporates one of our newest additives, ascorbic acid, whose anti-oxidative properties allow for the reduction of free radicals in solution. Thus, slowing the oxidation of your active ingredient - nicotine - without affecting the taste of your finished product!
Our Laboratory initiated a short-term shelf-life study to explore the oxidative-protective effects of ascorbic acid in the presence of nicotine. These samples were kept at room temperature over a period of 7 days. Visually evident in the photo is the radical difference in coloration, notably the absence of a color shift form clear to yellow in the ARMOR v3 sample. The ascorbic acid is working to concentrate oxidative energy away from nicotine molecules, and is very evident that in the standard 100mg/mL solution, radical oxidation has set in without the help of ascorbic acid in solution.
A 0.01w/v% of ascorbic acid in solution is not new to the world of chemistry. This natural antioxidant and preservative is utilized in a great many holistic, pharmaceutical, beverage, and culinary applications in this low weight percent in exactly in the manner utilized for ARMOR v3 protective oxidation.
Utilize ARMOR v3 in an identical manner to that of a standard nicotine formula.  No special adjustments are necessary for the inclusion of ARMOR v3 protective nicotine base.  You should experience a prolonged stabilization of nicotine in its free base form, resulting in a smoother formulation that maintains its integrity of over a longer period of time over a standard formulation.  The acidity donated from ascorbic acid is so minute and undetectable at 0.01% the keen formulator should not be worried about flavor competition or altered taste :)
We hope our third installment of the armor series eases your day-to-day mixing process, and relieves you of a few of the headaches pertaining to nicotine solution oxidation.
Happy formulating and vape strong!!!