Nude Armor v2 Signature™ Nicotine Salts™ - 72mg/mL


Nude Armor v2 Signature™ Nicotine Salts™ base uses our same tried-and-true patent pending formulation for our Nicotine Salts™ base.  However, Nude Armor v2 is packaged and sealed for long term storage and frequent use! Patented technology (not ours - we'd be millionaires if so) for the inlet seal allows a Slip Tip syringe tip to be inserted through the septum into the bottle and draw large quantities of solution, even 100% VG solutions. We have tested this with 1, 5, and 10mL Slip Tip syringes, all with great success. The largest bottle size, however, we were able to utilize without vacuum issues and internal volume problems was the 500mL size (unfortunately no 1L variation yet). The 1L size started to crack under the vacuum pressure in a few tests, even with the thick and sturdy glass bottle. Please understand our limiting to the 500mL maximum aliquot size for safety in handling concerns :)

Simply insert the included 1mL or 10mL Slip Tip syringe into the opening, turn the bottle upside down, then draw the required amount into the syringe! The adapter will self-seal immediately upon removal of the syringe tip. Thus Nude Armor v2.0 will be packaged in single 120mL, 250mL, and 500mL amber glass aliquots with the self-sealing luer-lock adapter affixed under the hermetically-sealed cap. When shipped, no argon will be necessary to purge the empty volume inside the bottle as a vacuum system in the laboratory will remove all atmospheric content (vacuum) prior to shipment. In addition, a 1 and 10mL Slip Tip syringe will be included with your shipment for use to extract solution. Click here to view our most recent certificate of analysis :) Our Nude Armor v2.0 base is perfect for the consumer looking to store their nicotine base for extended periods of time with a need to frequent access to a single bottle at a mixing station, all while being keen to ensure their nicotine base is in its purest state, free of oxidation products or degradation from storage. Ensure your nicotine is of the finest quality, and kept in a cGMP laboratory-approved storage solution! Choose Nude Armor v2.0!