Nude Armor v1 Signature™ Nicotine Salts™- 72mg/mL

Nude Armor v1 Signature™ Nicotine Salts™ base uses our same tried-and-true patent pending formulation for our Nicotine Salts™ base.   However, Nude Armor v1 is packaged and sealed for long term storage. We rate the shelf-life of this nicotine base to be upwards of two years without degradation or oxidation. All you need to provide is a freezer (~ -20C) for storage! Click here to view our most recent certificate of analysis :) We use 99.9% pure medical-grade Argon gas to displace all oxygen within the bottle before sealing. This will prevent oxidation of nicotine and PG/VG from oxygen commonly left within the storage bottle. In addition, all aliquots are packaged in thick glass amber bottles, suitable for long-term storage of this length. Our Nude Armor v1, argon-purged nicotine base is perfect for the consumer looking to store their nicotine base for extended periods of time, or for the formulator keen to ensure their nicotine base is in its purest state, free of oxidation products or degradation from storage. Inert argon gas displaces all oxygen-laden atmosphere inside the storage conditions of the bottle, a necessity as stated USP protocol for the storage of nicotine solution. Each aliquot can be split up into the bottles of your choice. We recommend smaller packing sizes (x4 125mL glass bottles) for the formulator who only uses smaller quantities of 100mg/mL nicotine base at a time. This will ensure that the argon-purged Nude Armor v1 remains under argon until it is needed :) Larger-scale formulators may be keen to x2 250mL aliquot sizes, or even single 500mL sizes if larger quantities are needed. As always, please feel free to contact us directly if you require a larger aliquot size! Ensure your nicotine is of the finest quality, and kept in a cGMP laboratory-approved storage solution! Choose Nude Armor v1!