Nicotine Booster Beta (US)

Nude Nicotine Beta Boosters are pre-filled 1mL syringes with calibrated amounts of concentrated nicotine inside. They are locked, sealed in a CRC-approved bag, and then distributed freshly to your favorite vape shop! One Beta Booster will bring a 60mL bottle of 0mg/mL to 3mg/mL, and two for a 6mg/mL. Nude Nicotine Beta Boosters allow you to control the addition of nicotine into your eLiquid, which benefits might vaping experience in thee main ways:
  1. Fresh Nicotine - No shelf oxidation of flavor components with nicotine - Add your nicotine to eLiquid flavoring upon usage and not during distribution - retain the integrity of eLiquid freshness and avoid the off-flavors of oxidized product.
  2. Custom Nicotine Levels - Boost to your desire! Each pre-filled syringe is calibrated with metric markings, allowing for easy dispense and control of nicotine level additions, safely, and away from harm (See chart for mg/mL values).
  3. Nicotine Salt vs. Standard Nicotine Interchangeability - Easily switch between Nicotine Salts and standard freebase nicotine in the eLiquids you know and love, along with new explorations. The possibilities are endless!
For eLiquid manufacturers and retailers, this product presents a particularly advantageous situation for taxable states whose legislature distinguishes nicotine-containing products from those that do not contain any nicotine whatsoever (AKA 0mg/mL eLiquid). For these instances, the low cost of unit and separation from eLiquid allows for a tax benefit in most situations. Email us and ask us how your business might benefit from Nude Nicotine Boosters. Link for Beta Booster Insert - Use Instructions and Precautions Youtube video for usage tips coming soon!!!