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Delicate and fragrant lavender buds harvested and sheathed from local San Diego County lavender. Organically grown and sustainably harvested, this lavender is fragrant and extremely pungent with sweet and fresh aromas. Complements any desert or fruit eliquid extremely well - even tobaccos! A rare and peculiar additive to most, but a beautifully rounded spice note that plays well in almost any blend.

Start at 0.5-1% for floral and light background notes, increasing to 2-3% for sweet and soft mouthfuls of the essence of lavender. Every DIY'er needs this in their cabinet of flavors.

San Diegan farmers unite!

All of our concentrated flavors are extracted and solvated in a proprietary blend of VG and ethyl alcohol, ensuring those who seek to formulate their own max VG e-liquids. Shipped in clear glass vials with polycone caps. Recommended for use at 2.5% - 7.5%.