[Honey Tobacco]

Our signature tobacco flavor* with sweet honey drizzled all over. A personal favorite blend for its depth of flavor. Vape this one all day! *This is an 'Absolute' extract from select fresh flue-cured tobacco leaves. Our extraction process yields a flavor extract absent of nicotine**, nitrosamines, diacetyl, and other harmful ingredients present in combusted tobacco or other extracted tobacco products. **Our tobacco absolute extract is absent of nicotine, and can be truly formulated to 0mg/mL if required. We utilize a similar process to that of the decaffeination of coffee beans to remove trace nicotine from our product. However, please be advised, other minor tobacco minor alkaloids present in any extract will potentially result in a failed conitine test. Guaranteed PG-free! All of our concentrated flavors are extracted and solvated in a proprietary blend of VG and ethyl alcohol, ensuring those who seek to formulate their own 100% VG eliquids. Shipped in clear glass vials with polycone caps. Recommended for use at 0.5% - 2.0%.