Drips Nicotine Spikers - Nicotine Salts™ - 10mL Bottle


Drips Nic Spikers are an easy way to turn your 0mg/mL eLiquid into the nicotine level of your choice! Using our unique reusable bottle with applicator port, you can safely and accurately meter and dispense concentrated nicotine solution. Each mL contains enough nicotine to spike a 30mL bottle of eLiquid to 16mg/mL concentration! The 480mg/mL nicotine salt solution inside will allow you to customize your 0mg/mL eLiquid to: 16mg/mL, 32mg/mL, or 48mg/mL, with a minimal 1, 2, or 3mL shot! -Don't trust the nicotine source in your favorite eLiquid flavor? -Don't know if the nicotine in your eLiquid accurately represents the labeled concentration -Shop doesn't have the nicotine strength you prefer? -Shop doesn't have a "nicotine salt"- / "classic nicotine base" -version of your favorite flavor? Drips Nicotine Spikers are the new, safe, controlled, and accurate dispensing method recommended by Nude Nicotine for any DIYer looking to quickly customize their eLiquid.