Drips Nicotine Spikers - Nicotine Salts™ - 10 Pack 1mL Applicators


Drips Nic Spikers are an easy way to turn your 0mg/mL eLiquid into the nicotine level of your choice! Using our prefilled 1mL applicators with child-safety cut plungers, you can safely and accurately meter and dispense concentrated nicotine solution in a one-time use package. Each 1mL applicator contains enough nicotine to spike a 30mL bottle of eLiquid to 16mg/mL concentration! The 480mg/mL Nicotine Salts™ solution inside will allow you to customize your 0mg/mL eLiquid to: 16mg/mL, 32mg/mL, or 48mg/mL, with 1, 2, or 3 applicators! -Don't trust the nicotine source in your favorite eLiquid flavor? -Don't know if the nicotine in your eLiquid accurately represents the labeled concentration -Shop doesn't have the nicotine strength you prefer? -Shop doesn't have a "nicotine salt"- / "classic nicotine base" -version of your favorite flavor? Drips Nicotine Spikers are the new, safe, controlled, and accurate dispensing method recommended by Nude Nicotine for any DIYer looking to quickly customize their eLiquid.