Diketone Trio Analysis

The Diketone Trio Analysis is our second-most common offering for eLiquid analysis, targeting the three major diketones of interest: Diketones are a carcinogenic and mutagenic class of molecules which are known to cause damage to lung cells when inhaled in concentrations above 10ppm. Diacetyl, acetyl propionyl, and acetoin are 3 known molecules of interest, however we do scan for other diketones based upon mass:charge (m/z) ratio. After purchase, we will use your shipping address to send you a sample receipt envelope! Full instructions, documentation, a rigid cardboard box with packing materials, and return label are included :) Please follow the included sample receipt instructions carefully to maintain proper chain-of-custody. An electronic copy of the full instructions can be downloaded here. Nude Nicotine Analytics products are added to the website as 'virtual' products, meaning the website will not query you for a shipping address. If your billing address is different from your shipping address, please let us know in your order comments. If you would like us to perform analysis on multiple samples, simply add multiple quantities to your cart! We will adjust the sample receipt box size accordingly. For quantities greater than 5 samples, please contact us! Let's get a custom volume quote sent your way :)