Our Chamomile Tea is a gentle reflux of whole dried Nile Egyptian Chamomile flowers at low temperature for days on end. The result is a strikingly perfect meal-y flavor lended from the chamomile with an extremely satisfying exhale note. Chamomile is naturally caffeine-free, so no cold-finger decaffeination procedure was necessary here - lending to an even more delicate, natural, intact flavor :) Chamomile flowers are dried at their source in the Northern Nile River Delta region and shipped DIRECTLY to our laboratory for reflux.

One of our hidden background extracts that we are super proud to release to the public! Worked on this one some time ago, and finally have a solid supply of raw material to warrant releasing this into production :)

Guaranteed PG-free! All of our concentrated flavors are extracted and solvated in a proprietary blend of VG and ethyl alcohol, ensuring those who seek to formulate their own 100% VG eliquids. Shipped in clear glass vials with polycone caps. Recommended for use at 2.5% - 7.5%.