CDC "Vaping Illness" Oil Testing


N.N. Analytics "Vaping Illness Oil Testing"TM represents the latest list of oil-soluble ingredients known to the CDC, FDA, and Nude Nicotine, to cause Electronic Vapor-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI):


With the rise of Electronic Vapor-Associated Lung Injury (EVALI), scientists at Nude Nicotine & N.N. Analytics have turned their attention to the primary culprits, the Harmful and Potentially Harmful Contaminants , otherwise known as HPHCs, in vapor products.


The team was first tasked with developing the most recent list of HPHCs. The CDC and FDA have not yet released a list of product of chemicals which may be associated with causing lung injury. However, the investigation has not yielded a list of HPHCs, or more information about what other contaminants, adulterants, or other chemicals may be the culprits of EVALI. Nude Nicotine & N.N. Analytics are the industry's first Analytical Laboratory to provide accredited testing for these chemicals.


“It was our goal to provide a long-needed guide and directive for the CDC and the CDC Emergency Center as well as local, state and other federal agencies to enact an effective diagnostic criteria to identify HPHC’s,” asserts Dr. Matthews. “This directive speaks directly to those health professionals with the most pressing need – clinicians and radiologists.”


Nude Nicotine & N.N. Analytics have tasked themselves with publicizing the full list of HPHCs associated with EVALI, educating hospital staff members including clinicians, radiologists, ambulance technicians to properly diagnose EVALI using a refined list of criteria. Furthermore, the group has submitted clinical laboratory and analytical techniques to detect, quantify, and label the contaminants in individual patient cases to better establish a treatment plan. This data can also be passed to law enforcement to refine their search of both legal and black-market cannabis & hemp products that are the sources of exposure.


Analytes Evaluated as a Part of the CDC "Vaping Illness" Oil Testing:

1) Vitamin E (E307), also known as a-Tocopherol (Testing includes evaluation of acetate esters)

2) (Coconut) Oil Triglycerides - Testing includes an evaluation of all triglycerides and potential constituents of the oil

3) Free Fatty Acids