Casual Nudist Nicotine Base


DIY for the Casual Nudist! 120mL of our nicotine base has been over-formulated with nicotine and VG to compensate for specific ratios of PG-based flavoring :) Not everyone has the time to mix their own eLiquids on a regular basis. We'll admit - it does take a little time and love. And we also won't lie - there are a TON of other flavoring manufacturers out there other than ourselves. Give yourself an opportunity to explore the wide world of PG-based flavorings! Don't forget us though :) Let us help with the dilution work while you focus on your flavor development.

  • Volume of the solution does not reach the top of the bottle - this is INTENDED! The target nicotine strength and bottle volume is achieved by adding the PG-based flavoring of your choice @ the listed percentages: 10% - 108mL, 15% - 102mL, and 20% - 96mL.
  • Casual Nudist Nicotine Base comes ready to spike with either 10% flavoring (12mL), 15% flavoring (18mL), or 20% flavoring (24mL) of your choice.
  • VG ratios are also overcompensated to account for 100% PG-based flavorings.  MAX% VG and 70% VG ratios are available :)
  • Includes x1 10ml syringe for your use in the addition of PG-based flavoring.

A diluted nicotine base in 6mg/mL that is flavored @ 10% will dilute to 5.4mg/mL - an industry practice that irks us. I mean REALLY bothers us. You should be vaping what you paid for! In addition, using a PG-based flavoring from other vendors would also overcompensate the PG-ratio of your eLiquid. Most of our goals are to achieve the MAX% VG or 70% VG, no? Let us overcompensate on VG ratios for you to achieve the EXACTING volume of VG required for your formulation.