[Cactus Cooler] - WHOLESALE

Orange and pineapple extract blended from local Southern California oranges and Hawaiian pineapples to accurately represent the popular soda. Ours is a natural extract formulated to imitate the synthetic blend from the beverage company Hi-C and the Cactus Cooler soda; we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor (pun intended).
The results are surprisingly pleasing in vape-form! VERY concentrated, an extract that likes to play well @ lower percentages - 3-4% is a good starting point here. Mix with Sucralose for added sweetness or a more basic, milkier flavor to calm citrus notes.
Guaranteed PG-free! All of our concentrated flavors are extracted and solvated in a proprietary blend of VG and ethyl alcohol, ensuring those who seek to formulate their own 100% VG eliquids. Shipped in clear glass vials with polycone caps. Recommended for use at 2.5% - 7.5%.