Wholesale 60mg/mL Nicotine Base

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Our pure nicotine base solvated in USP grade propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), ready to be flavored. This is the purest nicotine base on the market, and each quantity comes with certificate of analysis (COA), guaranteeing its purity. Click here to view our most recent certificate :) There is ABSOLUTELY NO taste, so flavor away to your liking and enjoy! 60mg/mL nicotine base is perfect for the formulator who prefers to deal with lesser nicotine concentrations than 100mg/mL. Dilutions remain simple at this concentration and is a much less volatile solution to handle :) We also ensure each package of our 60mg/mL nicotine base is adequately packaged and safely shipped to your door. For more information on the anatomy of a Nude Nicotine package, click here. ***Warning*** This product is for DIY use only. Nicotine strengths of this concentration must be dealt with using adequate personal protective equipment, proper ventilation, and appropriate containers for the diluted end-product. Stay up to date with 60mg/mL stock information - subscribe to the Nude Nicotine Chemist's Corner Newsletter to up-to-date product information and status alerts :)