Ascorbic acid

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Ascorbic acid exhibits many properties, mainly as a vitamin in our biological pathways. However Ascorbic Acid, AKA ascorbate (the anion when solvated in solution), is an extremely versatile flavor additive at low percentages! It is the most potent flavorant in fruits like citrus and pineapples however, unlike citric acid, ascorbic acid imparts no specific "citrusy" taste. It is a more neutral acidic base, very much more potent per mL than citric acid, by ~2-5x as elucidated in taste experiments by us at the laboratory.
As a souring agent, ascorbic acid is a great pH reducer when used at 0.1-1% as a direct replacement for citric acid. Use it to boost pineapple, mango, citrus, strawberry, banana, and many other fruits into a sour and extremely 'fresh" taste over their "ripe" counterparts.