Nude Analytics Sample Submission Instructions

Please follow the directions below to ensure proper sample submission of samples to Nude Nicotine Analytics:

1) Obtain e-Liquids samples that require testing.

-Include full-sized production bottles with lot numbers for submission. Please leave the bottles in their

original packaging. Our analysis requires a minimum of 5mL sample volume for dilution and sampling.

2) Record the following information on the Sample Submission Form, and email it to us at the address

below. Also, please print a copy to include with the samples.

- Customer Name, Company Contact, Email or Phone number, and Sample Ship Date

- Whether the samples will be disposed of by Nude Nicotine Analytics or returned to sender

- Fill in the following:

 Sample name

 Lot number

 Analysis Requested (Nic Quant, Ketones, TPD, etc)

 Sample volume

 Sample Concentration (in % or mg/mL or ppm), and

 Storage requirement (room temp or refrigerate or freeze)

3) Safely enclose all samples and the Sample Submission Form(s).

-Package your e-Liquid samples with ample padding, sealed bags, and sorbent to ensure leakproof


- Ship to: NN Analytics, 10064 Mesa Ridge Court, suite 208, San Diego CA 92121

4) Send us an email with the Sample Submission Form(s) when the samples have been shipped:


-Phone: (858) 216-2044

NOTE: All samples will be disposed of by the agreed upon method (at Nude Nicotine Analytics or

returned to sender) after one month, unless otherwise requested by the customer.