Pact Act 2021 Business Form

Nude Nicotine, Inc. and any affiliates are determined to follow the PACT Act diligently. We are requiring the following information on file from your company annually. If this form is not submitted, you may experience difficulties receiving certain products from our company. This form is for domestic businesses only.


To ensure your account remains compliant under upcoming regulations we are requesting that an authorized representative or the owner of your business fills out the form below providing as much information as possible. 

Starting April 1st, if you have not submitted the requested form to us, we unfortunately will no longer be able to provide your business with a handful of important products from our store. Act now and please do not hesitate to provide us with this information. 

Additionally, starting May 1st, shipments containing nicotine will be shipped via freight only to authorized businesses, while non-nicotine shipments will be able to ship via standard ground services. Although methods of delivery may be different than usual, Nude Nicotine is dedicated to ensuring that your authorized business will be able to receive the products you require.

Nude Nicotine team is working tirelessly to meet the requirements and deadlines for all interstate and federal regulations. Your cooperation in providing this information to us in a timely manner is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

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For more information regarding ATF registration please visit the official ATF website: