“Nude” is our embodiment of the principles of honesty, transparency, and good chemistry – Nude CBD™ was founded upon the principles of green chemistry and with a goal to educate business owners + consumers on the valuable properties of CBD from hemp. Not only are we “Nude” in our approach to manufacturing CBD Raw Materials (Isolate, Distillate, Oils, Etc…), we have taken it upon ourselves to institute an industry-leading quality control environment, taken directly from the FDA’s 21 CFR. Our business practices are akin to a medical device manufacturer or pharmaceutical laboratory – we are not your everyday manufacturer – Let us show you what it means to be “Nude!”




Nude CBD™ as a Supplier:

"Nude CBD™ Stock Solutions:" Nude CBD™ Focuses on 3 major stock solutions that cover the breadth of manufacturers using hemp in their formulae. Standardized at 200mg/mL, these stock solutions can be diluted to cover the entire breadth of E-Liquid Brands’ product lines, allowing ample solution volume for flavoring, as well as proper dilution.

“Nude CBD™ Stock Solutions” are available as “Oil-Soluble,” “Glycol Soluble,” or “Water-Soluble,” and are available in many sub-variants such as THC-free, Full-Spectrum, Broad-Spectrum, and "Chetana™ Full Spectrum Recombinant (FSR)™.”

Nude CBD™ Raw Materials: Raw Isolate, Chetana™ Full-Spectrum-Recombinant (FSR)™ Distillate, Hemp Oil, Hemp Smokable Flowers, and Biomass: Raw materials for auxiliary manufacturing operations can be procured upon request :)

Please See the attachment titled “Nude CBD™ Stock Solutions Catalogue” for more information on the raw materials and stock solutions that Nude CBD has engineered and hand-selected for your manufacturing operation!


Nude CBD as a Product Developer: 

Please see attached sheet labeled "Nude CBD™ White Label Catalogue." This contains a current list of the products we have manufactured in the past, are currently manufacturing for other clients, or are tooled and trained to manufacture in the immediate future. 

Nude CBD™ as an Analytical Partner:

Nude CBD™ uses its analytical laboratory partner, NN Analytics, as its approved 3rd-party supplier to accomplish daily, batch-by-batch, and raw material quantification of cannabis/hemp APIs and contaminants, such as:

-Heavy Metals 
-Residual Solvents 

Please see attached sheets labeled as "Nude CBD™ x NN Analytics_Panel" for more information on our capabilities and services. Our mission with our analytical laboratory is to tie together the excellence in manufacturing and quality of our raw materials with that of your manufacturing operation! Nude CBD’s capabilities unify the laboratory service needs of any growing CBD company requiring product manufacturing support. 




Nude CBD™ is a San Diego-based FDA-accredited chemical manufacturer established in 2013 specializing in the purification, analytical chemistry, and consumer product formulation of Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp. Nude CBD™ was founded upon the backbone of a medical device manufacturer, analytical laboratory, and consumer product formulations laboratory regulated by the FDA since 2016. Nude CBD’s scientists and quality control technicians come with a combined 125+ years of experience with 2 on-site Ph.D’s. Our mission is to assist you in bringing valuable and honest product to the marketplace with a host of raw materials, white label manufacturing, laboratory services, and analytical testing support. 

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