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Analyte "Buffet"

For those well-versed in the analytical chemistry sphere of have their eyes set on the analysis of a particular analyte (or set of analytes), you h...

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Clear Glass Vials

This product is NOT intended for use in electronic cigarettes, vaporizers or any vaping application. Our glass vials are ideal for the storage of y...

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Density Measurement

Density Measurement

Density measurement of eLiquid or other liquid samples in w/v% - reported in mg/mL.   Density measurement is performed by a calibrated electronic d...

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banana transparent final
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EuroFlavor Banana

Wonderfully sweet. Firm yet creamy. Perfectly ripe with a yellow jacket.

honeydew melon transparent final
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EuroFlavor Honeydew Melon

Juicy and sweet. When completely ripened, our Honeydew Melon combines the sweetness of melons and honey. Distinct and refreshing.

Milk Chocolate transparent final
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EuroFlavor Milk Chocolate

Milky, creamy, and sweet chocolate that melts in your mouth. Perfectly compliments a wide variety of other sweet flavors and desserts.

peach transparent final
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EuroFlavor Peach

Accurate and real peach flavor with a crisp bite and nectarine tones. Absolutely delicious by itself and compliments other flavor profiles perfectly.

red apple transparent final
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EuroFlavor Red Apple

Succulent and sweet; a nice reminder of the flavor of freshly picked fall apples from Washington.

Red Grapefruit transparent final
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EuroFlavor Red Grapefruit

Tangy with a bitterness and a sweetness on the exhale. Unique and accurate flavor profile to an actual red grapefruit.

vanilla transparent final
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EuroFlavor Vanilla

A superior vanilla that pairs well with other creams and fruits. A perfect compliment to other fruits, desserts, and creams to create more complex ...

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sweet watermelon transparent final
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EuroFlavor Watermelon

Sweet, refreshing flavor that is incredibly juicy and just as satisfying. Works well by itself or as a compliment to other fruits and dessert flavors.

white coffee transparent final
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EuroFlavor White Coffee

Our bold coffee with a splash of sweet cream. The fresh smell of coffee accompanied by the rich full flavor of our White Coffee.

Yellow Mango Final
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EuroFlavor Yellow Mango

Our Yellow Mango is perfectly ripe and golden. Sweet and juicy. Ideal for tropical mixes and blends.

Khantal a1

Nichrome N80

This product is NOT intended for use in electronic cigarettes, vaporizers or any vaping application. Nichrome is a NiCr alloy resistance wire; This...

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