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Analyte "Buffet"

For those well-versed in the analytical chemistry sphere of have their eyes set on the analysis of a particular analyte (or set of analytes), you h...

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Citric Acid
from $2.00

Ascorbic acid

Ascorbic acid exhibits many properties, mainly as a vitamin in our biological pathways. However Ascorbic Acid, AKA ascorbate (the anion when solvat...

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Bromothymol Blue

If you are looking for larger quantities of the 0.04% bromothymol blue solution that we include with our nicotine test kit, then you've come to the...

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Clear Glass Vials

Our glass vials are ideal for the storage of your eliquids. Thick borosilicate glass vials and polycone LDPE caps make for a perfect bottle to stor...

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stock solutions

Cooler Pack

Enjoy the icy chill with our classic menthol formulation and newcomer WS-23 Contains 15ml of each: WS-23 30% PG Menthol 10% PG

Density Measurement

Density Measurement

Density measurement of eLiquid or other liquid samples in w/v% - reported in mg/mL.   Density measurement is performed by a calibrated electronic d...

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