Anatomy of a Nude Nicotine Package

Anatomy of a Nude Nicotine Package

Anatomy of a Nude Nicotine Package:

Our packages containing 100mg/mL nicotine base, and our other nicotine products shipped through USPS ‘Priority Mail’ have a unique packing method that ensures a leak-free, robust, and safe packing solution for all of your Nude Nicotine products. The following pictures demonstrate the packaging of a 250mL bottle of 100mg/mL nicotine base:

Layer 1: LDPE Polycone Caps provide a tight seal against our PET amber plastic and glass bottles:

Polycone LDPE Cap

Layer 2: LDPE heat-sealed bags ensure if a leak is to occur, the solution will stay contained within the LDPE bag. (Of course if you see any evidence of liquid leak into the LDPE bag, please contact us immediately. We will aid you in the disposal if this liquid and issue a replacement IMMEDIATELY) :

LDPE-Bagged Glass Bottle

Step 3: Preparations of the rigid cardboard container in which the sealed bag will rest:

Bottom Packaging Layer

Steps 4 and 5: Additional sealing of the bottle in a second protective layer – bubble wrap followed by a third layer – bubble mailer:

Bubble Wrap

Additional Sealed Bubble Bag Layer

Step 6: Top layer of protection the thrice-sealed bags:

Top Packaging Layer

Step 7: Appropriate ‘fragile’ and ‘glass’ labels placed visibly on packaging:

Appropriate Warning Labels

And there you have it!  A properly packaged Nude Nicotine order on its way safe-and-sound to its destination anywhere across the US 

But does it stand up to the test?

Let’s have a look: The Nude Nicotine Package Drop:

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